Lola Williams’s Bohemian Bag in LOL Movie

The movie LOL, copied from a French movie holding the same name is one of my favorite movies. I may not be a Miley Cyrus fan but I adored her in this movie (the power of script and stylists!). I loved the styling, her messy hair, bold silver rings, random accessories, layer-over-layer of clothes and mostly her bag.


That “Carry All” bag designed by Simone Camille must be one of my favorite bags (and on my wish list) of all time! I’ve got this thing for the boho look that has an oriental feeling. I bought something similar from Accessories but not close to it. The original one is over a thousand dollar so I’m seriously considering making my own.


It’s aย one-of-a-kind carryalls, shoulder bag with hobos expertly pieced together from vintage choli dresses, dowry pouches, wedding sashes, wall hangings and antique tribal costumes dating as far back as the 19th century and collected from places such as India, Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Peru and Nepal. Lavishly embroidered with light-catching coins, tassels and beading added a touch of the exotic to any outfit, making the ultimate gypsy statement. I’m deeply in love with this bag. It’s a must to someone as colorful as me!



9 thoughts on “Lola Williams’s Bohemian Bag in LOL Movie

  1. Hey Dana, this doesn’t have anything to do with your post above, but I wanted to make sure that you saw this as I think that you’ll be interested in seeing it. I’m a regular follower and reader of this other blog called 14 Shades Of Grey, and the writer of the blog, named Salazar, posted a review on “The One Thousand And One Nights”, which I think that you’ll be interested in reading. I know that we talked about the book once before, which is why I thought that you would like to read this review. You and Salazar I think share a similar view when it comes to female characters, which she also mentions. So anyway, check it out if you get a chance:

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    • Hey Mike! I read her post about this book based on The One Thousand And One Nights… The funny thing is the translated edition that so many foreigners have read is very abridged. The original story “The One Thousand And One Nights” is a heavy and long 4 volumes of books. Many haven’t read them but I did. In some of the original stories women are accessories for men’s adventures but some stories hold very strong female presence. After all the stories are told by Shahrzad to King Shahriar, and she is a very strong and smart woman.


      • I’m glad that you got to read Salazar’s post Dana. I hope that I didn’t overstep any boundaries by pasting a link to from another blog to yours, but I really wanted you to see it and figured that you would be interested in reading it. ๐Ÿ™‚
        But wow…. 4 volumes long??? And you have read them all? I remember you saying that the original story was very long, but I had no idea that they were split into 4 books. I would like to read those. I really enjoyed the “abbreviated” version that I found. I bet the whole story is even better.
        I have so much that I still must learn!

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      • You’re welcome! I also think that you will like her blog as well. I follow it and am even featured on there, along with a few others for this week’s SIA project (Style Imitating Art). That’s when we put together outfits that match a piece of chosen artwork. You should join us sometime!

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