Bookie in Cap Eating Paella

A couple of week ago, Hamad and I were invited to a farewell gathering to one of Hamad’s acquaintances in the Contemporary Art Platform, and since the last time I visited all I wanted was to raid their art stocked bookshelves… or at the very least get photographed with them. I kind of did both.

For the gathering I wore my new H&M yellow blouse which is airy, with slightly sheer fabric and a printed pattern and a pair of ankle-length jeans in washed stretch denim with ultra-slim legs and a high waist which is super slimming and flattering and a pair of light yellow high heels with faux patent leather, high-gloss finish and rounded toe from ZARA.

20150605_205806 - Copy

For accessories I wore my metal necklace “VAEDIEN” from Aldo which I absolutely love, to enhance my outfit I added my colorful gorgeous “JUHI WOW ENVELOPE CLUTCH BAG” (that I was asked about a lot) from Accessorize, its embroidery, sequins and tassels combine to create this statement clutch. Perfect for that special occasion, this bag has a roomy main compartment and internal pocket with zip closure.

Hamad and I met friends, chatted, took photos and most importantly ate Paella! One of my absolute favorite dishes, that I’m planning on making lots of time in the next few months. Of course we were blown away by the size of the cooking pan, secretly I wanted to take the whole thing home with me, it was that good!

My mom always likes to experiment with new recipes, I guess I take that from her, she once told me the story of Paella and what it means, not sure if it’s an accurate story or not but it’s beautiful, Paella comes from Spain, and from an Arabic word “بقايا” which means “leftover”; once an angry hungry king under siege, demanded food, there wasn’t anything fit for a king or enough in the kitchen so the cook decided to create a mess, she gathered all the available rice, vegetables and poultry, seafood and meat into one huge pot, the king fell in love with the dish (as he should!) and asked the cook what it’s called, she said “Paella”. Beautiful story, right?


3 thoughts on “Bookie in Cap Eating Paella

  1. Wow, Dana, where you’re standing looks almost exactly like my workroom(s) at the library where I work! I work in the library basement, so there are no windows or any kind of connection to the outside world. When I’m down there, I have no idea what the weather is like or what it’s doing outside. No cell phone service either. If I want to use my phone, I have to go upstairs. Even the floor is concrete (looks similar to what you’re standing on, almost exactly). And it’s quite dusty in certain spots. So my workspace is not all glamorous and refined like many would think of when they think “library”. But I don’t care about any of that. I LOVE it down there! I’m surrounded by so many books and as I’m stacking, shelving, organizing and in some cases, repairing books, I’m always sneak peeking and reading tiny excerpts from many of the books that I handle. So I get a lot of ‘trivia knowledge’ and learn so many interesting things by doing that. It’s a book lover’s heaven!
    And that is a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it. And that food looks so good! It inspires me to want to learn more and more about cooking!

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    • That’s so funny! There are huge floor-to-ceiling windows but I was there at night so it looks dark. It’s a large room in a local art gallery.

      If you love what you do that’s the most important thing in the world, not many people can say that. Some are lost and some hate their jobs. Working with books all day seems like fun.

      Oh you should try making Paella! It’s very VERY delicious! 😀


      • Ah, that explains the lighting. It looks very similar to my work area, which doesn’t have the greatest lighting (I e-mailed you pictures I took) in some spots but is enough to see. And because it is the basement, the floors are concrete and the ceiling has all of these pipes running through the room, like in a factory. There’s even a huge sewer pipe that goes through there! But thankfully, it doesn’t smell at all. 🙂

        Yes it is. I love my job and enjoy going to it everyday (most of the time). What’s exciting is that sometimes when new books come in, I get to see them before the general public does! We can’t take those out of course, but it’s still nice to be one of the firsts to handle new materials. 🙂 And yes, it is a lot of fun for me. Sometime I find myself reading a little too long and I have to tell myself to get back to work!

        It looks very good! I still must try some of your recipes that you posted on here!

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