My Head is a Jungle, Jungle!

Last summer.

Yeah, I can’t believe it either. But summer of 2015 now is history. Now that Kuwait changed from hot steaming summer to warm lovely spring. I seriously can’t call the weather here autumn or winter.


There are only two seasons here: spring and summer; and my time here was so much fun.

The most fun I had this summer had to be the summer fashion collection: wild, colorful, jungle patterns, bold accessories: it was EVERYTHING.


But I still have these pieces to remind me of the beauty of summer and remarkable fashion trend. From tribal influences to floral prints, artistic inspiration to gold pleating, street style to summer-ready sheer fabrics, this season’s trends were as varied as they were masterful and feminine.


Most of those hot night while out and about I listened to this collection of hit songs from 2014/2015. Only one 2013 made the cut: My Head is a Jungle.

It feels like the soundtrack of this summer: heading into the wild as style takes on an African twist.


It’s brightly coloured, geometric tribal prints or a collections of rich African heritage, spring/summer’s styles were bursting with Sub-Saharan vivacity. The bold, graphic prints and simple shapes are whimsical boho ruling the urban jungle platforms. I hope this trend carries on a bit longer.



5 thoughts on “My Head is a Jungle, Jungle!

  1. Yes! I can’t believe that we’re heading towards Christmas 2015! This year went by so rapidly. Where did the time go? And despite it being December, the weather here isn’t too bad. I’m sure that the snow and cold will come soon enough but for now, I’m enjoying the “fall-like” weather.

    These pieces are beautiful Dana! They sort of remind me of many of the adult coloring books (a big hit here) that I’ve been seeing lately. Many consists of floral patterns and other similar designs, which makes for a nice coloring project.

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