Sometime ago, I wrote this story for a restaurant called Divine; they wanted something utterly untrue and entertaining to put on their dish mats. This is THE story! Hope you enjoy it! x

Sometime ago, in a country filled with fish and surrounded by sea, lived a sheikh and his princess, the sheikh had a sweet-tooth, the sheikh’s chef made all his favorite sweets everyday, from chocolate cakes to macaroons, which made them always staying at home. That made the princess unhappy. She missed seeing people and trying new things.

One day the chef had to return home, to his country, he had to leave his biggest fan behind to serve in his family’s restaurant. The sheikh was devastated.

His wife, a wise woman, went to the royal staff and announced that the royal palace will host a local competition, and the winner shall have a fully equipped sweets shop if they could make the sheikh’s favorite dessert and make him joyful again. Once the sheikh heard the news a sense of excitement and dread filled him; he was happy to have dessert again but afraid no one can make it the way his chef used to.

The announcement was made across the country and a young Qassem heard the news and rushed home after school to his widowed mother’s kitchen. Um Qassem was the best cook in the neighborhood but Qassem thought she was the best cook in the whole world. He told her about the Royal Competition but his mother refused to consider it, she told him she wasn’t sure she was good enough.

Qassem disagreed, so he made a plan, the next day he played sick and convinced his mother to make him his favorite dessert: A Chocolate Cake. When the mouth-watering smell filled the house and his mother placed the cake near the window to cool off, Qassem rushed over, put the turquoise cooking gloves on, with hearts all over them, and rushed to the location.

He got a number, subscribed his mother’s name and waited. The sheikh started tasting dishes and frowning some more. He looked unhappy, when he reached Qassem’s table, he smiled and looked at his wife saying “Look at this young boy!” he looked at Qassem and asked “Have you made this cake?” Qassem answered “No, your highness, my mother did.” The sheikh smiled some more, sliced a piece and tasted a crumb of the cake. His eyes closed and he took another bigger bite than another. He looked at his wife than at the boy and whispered “Divine.”

The princess and Qassem asked “What was that?” He said more loudly “Divine!” everyone smiled, Qassem laughed and his mother um Qassem won. The shop was established and their favorite daily clients were the sheikh and his wife. The name of the shop of course was, as simple as that: “Divine”.




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