The Anticipation of Rain

This draft was saved on July 13, 2014 at 10:18 pm in Amman. Almost 2 years ago! I read it and liked it so much I had to post it for you guys!

As I was sitting on my desk writing, I felt a wind enter my room in a late July night. I turned my head and smelled it… rain. The smell of rain heavy in the clouds filled my nostrils, I walked to the window smiling happily; I have always appreciated a good rain storm. The thunder, clouds, the grey and white clouds in a summer dark night filled me with wonder, the lightning changing the hot air, striking at my nerves making me giggle.

Suddenly a golden cat appeared walking under my window in my neighbors twinkly garden, the sound of Athan filled the night sky, it was the last prayer of the day after a long fasting day.

It was Ramadan and the cat just sat there staring at me, its shadow wavering with the wind, I opened the window screen to watch the cat clearly. It stilled, watching me back, measure for measure.

I meowed, it didn’t. I did again, it just stared at me some more. Ah, it was one of them… the watchers. I went to my bureau and pulled my hairbrush.

Though my hair was long wavy and thick, I always needed to brush it before I bathed or it would be a nightmare to deal with the next day. Sadly, I couldn’t see the moon as it has moved to the other side; yesterday was the last day of the full moon… thankfully, perhaps I would sleep more soundly this night… no dreams, no visions. The full moon always brought me a horrible mood and intensified my dreams making them seems unbearably real.

I returned to my position as I brushed through my tangles of hair and the cat was still there fixedly staring at me, I smelled the air again and again, filling my lunges of the feel of rain in the air. I looked down at my stacked books and promised them secretly that I will close the window before I sleep so they won’t get wet.

The anticipation of the rain falling always filled me with an unbearable ache inside of me that I couldn’t ever decipher. What was it about rain that I loved so much?

Perhaps it was the sound of the raindrops, perhaps the smell of the soil and streets, perhaps the wetness I would feel while walking, feeling the smooth moisture hitting my face… my hair and making my clothes heavier and soul lighter… or maybe because I felt them everywhere… the creatures of light… angels, writing down our rain wishes, filling our words before even uttered, scribbling our darkest desires and secrets in the book of life, the book that holds everything since the beginning of time: Al-Lawh al-Mahfoûdh اللوح المحفوظ “The Preserved Tablet”.

Before the world was created by Allah, before there was anything at all, no heaven or hell, no angels, demons or humans. Allah created “The Pen” القلم, after that Allah wrote the story of the universe sitting on his Throne above water. It is said that the slab is made of a red ruby, the written words and pen made of light within light, attached to the Throne of Allah, he would look at it 360 times a day, watching the universe, seeing the events unfold, changing people’s lives and destinies according to their actions, behaviors, prayers and most importantly their secret wells.

Prescience is a very important factor in the lives of Muslims, they believe in it completely and depend on it… so do I. I like the mystery of the events unfolding.

After the story of the universe was done till the day when the world collapses and everything is done… the judgment day arrives and the story is finished. Allah held His pen again and ordered it to paint the universe, the tree of life was created under his throne, and then the whole universe was created and He said كن فيكون Be!

Thinking of that while the rain falls harder sends goosebumps down my spine, even in the shower while the hot water and soap cascades downward toward the drain.

I get out and look from the window, unbelievably, the cat is still standing there looking at my window. Maybe it’s counting the raindrops like I wish I could do.




3 thoughts on “The Anticipation of Rain

  1. Most mysterious thing with the cat that was constantly staring through your window… Perhaps the cat was there as a sign that the rain was to come? It is an interesting connection.

    I enjoy the sound of the rain. Contrary to how most people feel about rain, I actually enjoy it’s presence, much in the same ways that you described.

    Unfortunately, we have not had much rain here this summer. So when it does fall (like it’s about to do right now as I type this), I welcome its calming presence, not just for myself, but for all of God’s creations, which depend on it to survive.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you. I do love the rain. But wow… I can’t imagine not having any rain at all for the whole summer. That must be miserable.
        It’s strange here because some summers, all we will get is rain, either as a result of a hurricane or for some other storm related occurrence. But for this year, it’s been non stop sunshine and high temperatures. And when it did rain this summer, it didn’t last longer than 15 minutes or so. I water my plants every day so that they won’t dry up! And nearly all of the grass here is brown! I hope that we will both get rain soon.


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