A Day on the Beach

Crunch crunch crunch. My feet goes as I hit the soft sand. I look around and it’s only me on the beach today. I slip from my clothes and walk on disturbing the clean sand with my footprints. The water is September cold. Pleasant but not so welcoming. I swim slowly making ripples in the water. Splash splash splash. Reaching the barrier between me and the wide gulf, I think to myself “am I safe or a prisoner?”, I want to be free like a mermaid. I lay down like a starfish absorbing the sun. The cold water tickling my fingers, thighs and toes while the rest of me hides enfolded in the warm playful waves. I feel like I’m meditating…. I hear nothing but tinkling and I think nothing. My ears are gates to heaven. I open my eyes and see the blue reflected back. I lay on blue. I’m surrounded by blue. I feel detached from the real world and the world turns upside down turning it’s back to me. It opens up to me. I’m swimming in the sky. I fly. I’m as insignificant as a bird. Small and free.I fly, I fly, I fly.



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