Cotton & China Year

Two happy years have passed by so quickly since my love Hamad and I have been married! We got hitched in October 10th, 2014, moved to Kuwait in January 23rd, 2015 and have been dating since February 28th, 2008. So yes, we have three major anniversaries beside birthdays!

Graphic design joined us, living in different countries separated us, fate intervened and we were destined to join lives once again. They say marriage is hard, that the first year, “the paper year”, is what makes or breaks a marriage. So, I feel lucky that we didn’t face hardship in our union and I hope we won’t. In fact, I encourage more people to do it: to fall in love and get married!

To have that one special person who witnesses all your moments and you theirs is a treasure, to have a friend, a family of your own, a lover and a partner, is the most you can really have in this world. The world is a lonely place if you don’t have a person to love and to love you back in return, the world would seem empty and grey.

Each couple, of course, is different, I say if something works for you and your other half, that’s great. Your relationship shouldn’t follow a set of rules, or compared to other relationships. If you are happy with what you have, work it and enjoy it!

Happy anniversary to us my love! x



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