My Year in Books 2016


My year in books!! I have always LOVED this yearly ritual on Goodreads! It feels like anย infographic (it actually is!). I have always wanted to screenshot the whole thing and add it to my blog! I finally did! Here it is! Thank God for Google!

My 135 books/reads in one beautiful photo! Thank you God for 2016! Keep on reading people! x

P.S. I accept friend requests from any book lover, so feel free to add me!


8 thoughts on “My Year in Books 2016

  1. Wonderful, Dana! You are a true bibliophile! That’s very impressive. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh, I forgot all about Goodreads! I’m not the greatest at social media, not like I used to be anyway. I must get back there as I have a lot of books to add! Thanks for the reminder!

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      • The one I’m currently into is called “Valkyrie: The Runaway” by Kate O’Hearn. It’s part of a series as this is book 2. The first one, called “Valkyrie”, I read a few months ago and was really good.
        I have another one called “Listen, Slowly” by Thanhha Lai, Vietnamese author and one called “The Crystal Ribbon” by Celeste Lim.
        I’ve been reading a lot of biographies lately so I’d like to mix some fiction on my bookshelf to sort of change things up.
        Hope to be able to present these titles on my blog during book review time (end of each month).


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