Lena Kaligaris’s Art Supply Box

Since 2005 and I have been a fan of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants; 2005 was the first year I attended art school and I was in love with all the girls but especially Lena, because she lived the “summer romance” all romantic girls dreamed of, and because she was into art, and later on in the books she became an artist.

In 2008, the second movie came and it was epic! I loved every moment of it! A few years later, I bought the four books and fell deeper in love, especially with Lena and her art time description and development, but my books are back home, I wanted to add the quotes I loved about her art but sadly none of these quotes I enjoyed are added on the net or even Goodreads. Maybe, when I get my books, I’ll add them myself to the site.

In any case, I googled Lena’s box and didn’t find any posts or entries about it, but as usual, I’m usually attracted to things in movies most people don’t notice, so I decided to write a post about it and share my admiration to it.

As any art lover, when you start moving around a lot, you would need a way to move your equipments and supplies easily and cleanly, I had the same box as a gift from husband (my boyfriend back then) when I kept talking about Lena’s box, as a gift in my birthday with an easel (best gift ever!) My box is still the best gift I  ever had, though I had many great gifts, but it’s value exceeds anything else.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my love of Lena’s wooden box and how much I admired it for all these years, if they do make a third movie about the final fifth book (still haven’t started reading it), I hope the box is still there. Maybe my second post should be about the traveling pants, I loved how they looked in the second movie.



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