Sephora: Unwrap Your Gift

Since I was introduced to Sephora and got my 200 points card and all I wanted is to get The Black Card.

The Black Card allows its holder to access the Black Card Program and to earn and accumulate points while purchasing products in Sephora Stores.

I finally received an email from Sephora titled: “Your first 200 points gift voucher is here!” Sephora Black Card holders will receive by mail their Black Card in a “Welcome Pack”. The Loyal Customer will be entitled to redeem the voucher against one gift from a selection made available by Sephora.

Afterwards, each time the Black Card holder accumulates a further two hundred (200) points, he / she will automatically receive a new voucher by email which can be redeemed against one gift from a selection made available by Sephora.


So, I got the email, drove so fast to The Avenues and headed to Sephora where I saw The Black Card gifts on display by the counter.


I chose the Two Faced package: The Rich Girl Eye Obsession Set!

unnamed (2)

I was so excited to get the gift but horribly disappointed when they didn’t hand me the black card! They said they only have them in Dubai, if I want one I should email them my P.O.Box address. Such a disappointment, but my white card will be treated like the black one.


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