Jon Sliders Kuwait


9 thoughts on “Jon Sliders Kuwait

    • Hello dear Mike!! I’ve been meaning to write to you almost everyday but I’ve been extremely lazy and busy! Thank you for always putting up with my slow responses!

      It was surprisingly good and very addictive! When the burger is large you think to yourself oh it’s too much, but when it’s too small, you fool yourself and eat TOO much!


      • Hi Dana!! So wonderful hearing from you! 🙂 I’m so happy to see you posting on your blog. I haven’t seen any new posts for a while and was wondering if you were okay. I am always loyal to your blog. I get excited every time I see the e-mail updates. 🙂

        And it’s fine, really. It’s the same with me; super busy and super lazy! When the weekend comes, I usually like to crash the whole time (or at least most of it) because I’ve been so busy during the week. This is especially the case on Sundays. 🙂
        So it’s okay about the slow responses. Just whenever you have time is fine. 🙂

        Yeah, I love the slider burgers. During the summer, a team of cooks across from where I work have a weekly cookout on Fridays and one of their “dishes” is the slider burgers. They are so good! But like you said, because they’re small, I think that it’s not enough, only to find out that I ate too much! 😛

        I recently had an idea to make my own slider burgers. I’m trying to put together a recipe of how to do it. 🙂

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