My Year in Books | 2017 | عامي بالكتب

Another year has passed and as the bookaholic that I am, I measure it by books; so far I have read 120 books! Goodreads just shared this beautiful yearly infographic with me so I decided (as I always do) to share it with you, dear reader!

سنة أخرى مرت ولا أزال أعشق الكتب والحمد لله… أنا أقيس سنوات حياتي بالكتب… ولهذا العام قمت بقراءة مئة وعشرين كتاب. وككل سنة ينشر مصممو جودريدز هذا التصميم الشخصي لكل المشاركين فيه بالكتب التي قرأوها وكل مرة أحب أن أشاركها معكم هنا يا اعزائي القراء!



9 thoughts on “My Year in Books | 2017 | عامي بالكتب

  1. Congrats, Dana! Wow, 120 books?! Incredible! I read about 8 this year so far. My goal is to reach 10. Not sure if I’ll make it but I’ll do my best! Almost done with number 9!

    And I need to get back on Goodreads. I keep forgetting about it!

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      • You’re welcome Dana! 🙂
        Yes, that’s nice to have. I wish I had more free time. I see all these great books on my job and think how much I want to read them, but don’t have the time! I have a huge stack at home from the library right now! 😛

        Thank you! I sort of started an “unofficial” goal at the beginning of the year to read at least 10 books by the end of the year. I started off really well at the beginning, but fell short towards the end. I hope to do better next year; maybe 20 books a year? We’ll see! My interests are all over the place, so it shouldn’t be too difficult!

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      • The first book is called “Ahimsa” by Supriya Kelkar. It looks to be a historical fiction novel (my favorite genre) about the non-violent resistance movement in India back in the 1940s (hence the title). A young girl volunteers with her mother to help in the movement, standing up to British tyranny. This looks to be very good!

        The other book I have is called “Secrets of Valhalla” by Jasmine Richards. It looks to be a fantasy based story (my second favorite genre) about two kids that must help free the Norse goddess, Sunna, from the Norse god, Loki, or risk repeating the same day over and over again.
        This should be good too. Jasmine Richards has written a few other books too and I think I read one of them a while back as I recognized her name, and thought it was very good.

        Both of these look to be good reads!

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