The Air & I

It’s a cold winter night in mid December, the last day of the full moon, as the year is folding into a new one, the world seems to freeze and sit still, not moving a finger or wiggle a toe.

Cold toes, warm mugs, heaters on, heavy sweaters, comfy blankets, christmas lights, cinnamon and ginger cookies, and fanciful dreams that only visit in December.

I sit here, wearing layers, thinking of all the people I love, close and far, writing my wishes for them for the next year, dreaming dreams of what would be. The window is hazing over, my breath is beating on the glass with a silent breath, making heat shapes while the street lights twinkle like little stars.

Adele is singing Million Years Ago over and over again, and the words blend with music creating feelings, words no longer are comprehended, nor understood, lost all meanings until I concentrate and listen:

I wish I could live a little more
Look up to the sky not just the floor
I feel like my life is flashing by
And all I can do is watch and cry
I miss the air, I miss my friends
I miss my mother, I miss it when
Life was a party to be thrown
But that was a million years ago

How ironic I think, I miss my mother too. Opening the window I take a sniff of the cold air greeting me like an old friend whispering “Hello, Dana.” I whisper back “Hello, Air.” I take another inbreathe and I smell rain, heavy, waiting, not falling yet, the clouds clinging to the drops not letting go. I whisper “Let go, fall.” A cold breeze whispers back near my ear “it’s not your call to make.”

It’s not, and yet, the rain and I are very old friends. I remember an old poem:

“because some things
aren’t ours to hold,
but just beautiful
to listen to.”

Rain is like that, trink trunk tronk, when it falls, splish splosh splash, it says. Drum drom drem, it demands. Rain is gentle, overpowering and consuming, tip top tap, it dances.

I take another drag from my fresh dose of opium, the air shushes me, I stand still, letting the freezing breath leave my mouth, my chest full of cold air. I back away, enter the warm room, closing the window after me, and tickle my book spines, asking “which one of you will I read next?”, the air and I never say goodbye.


Happiness from Within

I woke up today with the strongest notion that happiness comes from within. If you are happy with yourself, the world will seem like a better place. True happiness comes from ourselves, not from our careers, relationships, life… it comes from health, love, kindness, compassion, but mostly from contentedness. If you’re content in your lot of life you will feel much better.


Electronically Drifting Apart

We live in a rude century, in a rude world, in a rude time, that the most civility you give others is by locking them out of your senses by putting on high MP3 music or reading in cafe and ignoring their presence and words.

Don’t get me wrong, I do that too, I guess all of us do, but sometimes I wonder about that, we act as if each of us lives in their own world when actually we live in one world with so much proximity and energy, breathing the same air, seeing the same sky, having “almost” the same experiences.

But we don’t really see, hear or talk with each other… we live like strangers or creatures that do not speak in the same tongue, as if we are like air and fire, birds and lions… though all the technology created to pull us together only made it easier for us to drift apart…

I told my friend yesterday that in the old days, people would wait for months for each other, they would visit, talk,  enjoy each other, write long letters, really care and miss each other… Now, we have everything to connect us to each other but no will to do so.

Isn’t it sad?


Poke on Facebook: Means War!

I am poking but I am rarely looking, you see so many “Pokes” come my way on Facebook, I used to delete them or ignore them, but lately I decided to be nicer and poke everyone back… the thing is, I rarely look on the profiles of whom is poking me.

But really, what does “Poke” mean? Is it “Hello, I am there and I am interested”? Or is it “Oh, you are hot and I am flirting”? Or “Hello, can we be friends”?

When you know someone, it becomes kind of a war, I call “The Poking War”, in the sense that who pokes “more” or “last” is the winner… usually I enjoy poking but sometimes it annoys me… can’t decide if I like it or dislike it more.

In any case, I thought about “sharing” my “poking” views.


لأجلك يا بلدي

ايد على ايد همتنا بتزيد لاجلك يا بلدي

This is ad was shot for King Abdulla’s Birthday in my second year at college at ASU. I acted in the Drama club and a Jordanian director thought I am a good example to represent the youth in Jordan, so I acted in this local ad, I just video taped it by my phone… a friend [and my mom] really wanted to see it 🙂

2013-04-07 23.31.20

Happy Birthday, Mama!

I want to thank God for my mother, who is kind, unique, beautiful, tender and smart. Your birthday is today my dear mom, I love you and I am more than lucky to have you, I pray to God to keep you for me, my life is simply better because you are in it. Such a beauty only comes from a beautiful soul… that’s why I got you cupcakes for a birthday cake besides your other gifts… I hope this year will make a difference and all your lovely dreams will come true… you deserve the best, because you are the best person I know.


Prince Hashim bin Al Hussein

Good afternoon everyone! I thought today to write about something new. You see I live in Jordan and as a Jordanian I am quite proud of our Royal family, it’s a real privilege to live in a royal kingdom, it kind of feels like each Jordanian girl is a princess living in the village surrounding the palace… and this little village of 8 mountains is called Amman.

Our late king, Hussein bin Talal, was married four times, and his last wife was the beautiful Queen Noor al Hussein whose name is actually Lisa Najeeb Halaby, and it was said that she is an American citizen with an Arabian lineage. Queen Noor and King Hussein had 4 children, the second one of them is our handsome prince, Prince Hashim bin Al Hussein.


For the right: Prince Hamza, Prince Ali, Prince Hashem, Queen Noor, King Hussein, Abir Muhaisen, Princess Iman, Princess Raiyah and Princess Haya

Prince Hashim bin Al Hussein was born 10 June 1981, which means he’s a Gemini… sadly as handsome as he is, he and I can’t ever be married for 3 reasons:

  1. He is a Gemini and I am a Leo, we would kill each other.
  2. He doesn’t know I exist which would cause a problem, especially to my vanity.
  3. He is married and happily so to his beautiful princess and wife, Fahdah Mohammed Abunayyan and the mother of his 3 daughters.


Fahdah Mohammed Abunayyan and Prince Hashim bin Al Hussein. [I am not sure who is the man on the left].

Now, you might ask, why did I pick Prince Hashim of all the Jordanian family members to start my new post… the answer is very simple… he is an eye-candy!


All Jordanian girls were used to dream about marrying one of the princes but now that I am older and wiser (I hope!) I prefer the view from a far. In any case he was my favorite, my friend Amal’s favorite was his brother Hamza.

Wait for my next Jordanian Royal for the next time!



Glowing Green Smoothie

So, for quite sometime, I have noticed many celebrities especially one of my favorites “Hilary Duff” drink this green drink, so the other day while flipping through a magazine I found this article about the benefits of this famous green drink, I decided to try it.


After all, I want to get healthier, I love to take care of myself, and I love trying new things, especially things that will make my health and beauty better.

Now that I begin search for the drink’s recipe  I discovered there are many, so again, I decided to be brave and try all the recipes I will find. I will share each recipe I find and add a photo and rate the drink when I make it and drink it. And I discovered that the girl who created it has two books and her name is Kimberly Snyder. [So getting the books]


At the end, I would know which one is my favorite and I will stick to it.

But here is the first one, the Hilary Duff one “The Glowing Green Smoothie“:


1 1/2 cups water

1 head organic romaine lettuce, chopped
3-4 stalks organic celery
1/2 head of a large bunch or 3/4 of a small bunch of spinach
1 organic apple, cored and chopped
1 organic pear, cored and chopped
1 organic banana
Juice of 1/2 fresh organic lemon

1/3 bunch organic cilantro (stems okay)

1/3 bunch organic parsley (stems okay)

Directions: Add water and chopped head of romaine to blender. Blend at a low speed until smooth. Add celery, apple and pear and blend at high speed. Add cilantro and parsley (which help chelate heavy metals out of your body). Finish with banana and lemon.

حكايات بنات

Yesterday I went home early after a long productive day at work… I put my headphones on and watched an Arabic sitcom series online called “حكايات بنات” which means Girls Stories, starring Saba Mubarak.

This series reminds me of Sex & the City with an Arabic twist… it aired last Ramadan 2012, but I was always too tired after work and fasting to enjoy watching anything. But lately, I can’t sleep, I became nocturnal… waking up in all times of night, just waiting for God knows what! I watched the series and reached episode 9, I can’t wait to continue soon, though I’m not sure if I want to do anything other than sleep today.

If it was up to me, I would just head home and sleep and sleep. My head is lulling and rolling… music and food are making me nauseated. I’m just so physically tired and deprived of sleep. Even mom noted that the circles under my eyes are a bit darker, though I look better than before, if I may say so myself.

I love the four girls a lot they remind me of myself and my girlfriends and all the girls out there. Their names are Ahlam, Salma, Camilla and Mariam.

Ahlam is a marketer in a huge telecommunication company and her dream job is to be a writer, she finds a way through her job like me to write and work hand in hand. She lives with her widowed mother alone.

Salma is all over the place, lost but knows what she wants, she wants to be famous, she knows where she wants to work but she doesn’t know how to get there. She graduated from university after 8 years of failing.

Camilla is rich, spoiled, strong and beautiful; she is quite successful at her job and has the love of her life Kareem who drives her crazy because he cheats all the time. Her father is losing their fortune.

Mariam is your typical good Arabic girl, who got engaged young and doesn’t work. Her only career is waiting for her fiancé Hisham to visit. Hisham is an officer, he loves her, but he is so serious and always busy and away. Mariam loves to eat sweets all the time and loves to collect tidy bears. But sweets are the love of her life after Hisham of course.

Salma reminds of Amal, Camilla of Reem and Ahlam of me. But I NEED a Mariam in my life, she makes me laugh hard. She is always shocked and how she eats sweets all the time is so endearing and strange to someone like me who isn’t into sweets.


Let Them Eat Cake

Today I woke up trying to feel better… but all I can think of is pain, hurt and anger… I decided to find a new swear word… LOL, yeah I know, I don’t swear much, and I hate nasty words, so I thought about the meanest thing anyone said to another person, and it hit me, the so-called phrase, said to be said by Marie Antoinette [which I don’t believe she said, but if she did I’m sure she didn’t mean to be mean]: “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche“. Which means: “Let them eat cake.”


It is said when people came hungry, mad and screaming to coup d’etat the royal family in the French revolution, the Royal entourage told Marie Antoinette that her people are hungry and they ask for bread, so she said coolly: “Let them eat cake.”

It felt like: “Screw them! Let them die!” So, this is my new swear word!


So I put on the DVD of the movie and I watched it, one of my favorites, truly… Sofia Coppola did a great job… the photoage, food, colors, story, fashion, Kirsten Dunst, soundtrack… everything. I LOVE this story.