The Air & I

It’s a cold winter night in mid December, the last day of the full moon, as the year is folding into a new one, the world seems to freeze and sit still, not moving a finger or wiggle a toe.

Cold toes, warm mugs, heaters on, heavy sweaters, comfy blankets, christmas lights, cinnamon and ginger cookies, and fanciful dreams that only visit in December.

I sit here, wearing layers, thinking of all the people I love, close and far, writing my wishes for them for the next year, dreaming dreams of what would be. The window is hazing over, my breath is beating on the glass with a silent breath, making heat shapes while the street lights twinkle like little stars.

Adele is singing Million Years Ago over and over again, and the words blend with music creating feelings, words no longer are comprehended, nor understood, lost all meanings until I concentrate and listen:

I wish I could live a little more
Look up to the sky not just the floor
I feel like my life is flashing by
And all I can do is watch and cry
I miss the air, I miss my friends
I miss my mother, I miss it when
Life was a party to be thrown
But that was a million years ago

How ironic I think, I miss my mother too. Opening the window I take a sniff of the cold air greeting me like an old friend whispering “Hello, Dana.” I whisper back “Hello, Air.” I take another inbreathe and I smell rain, heavy, waiting, not falling yet, the clouds clinging to the drops not letting go. I whisper “Let go, fall.” A cold breeze whispers back near my ear “it’s not your call to make.”

It’s not, and yet, the rain and I are very old friends. I remember an old poem:

“because some things
aren’t ours to hold,
but just beautiful
to listen to.”

Rain is like that, trink trunk tronk, when it falls, splish splosh splash, it says. Drum drom drem, it demands. Rain is gentle, overpowering and consuming, tip top tap, it dances.

I take another drag from my fresh dose of opium, the air shushes me, I stand still, letting the freezing breath leave my mouth, my chest full of cold air. I back away, enter the warm room, closing the window after me, and tickle my book spines, asking “which one of you will I read next?”, the air and I never say goodbye.


Dana’s Sanctuary Nominated for Liebster Award

A year or so ago, I received my first Liebster Award nomination but I was going through a phase and I didn’t respond. This award is for bloggers online, the word Lienster comes from German origins which means: dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, etc… in short it means, receiving an award for the loveliest blog.

I’m not sure what winning such award entitles but I’m in. I want to thank the two lovely ladies that nominated me last year and this year: Amriaa’s blog and Drown in Melancholy. Two beautifully composed blogs, I would surely recommend and nominate.


If I was painted/sketched right now, that would be me smiling and writing on my white desk.

The rules for participating are as follows:

  • Share 10 facts about yourself
  • Answer 10 questions set to you
  • Come up with 10 more questions
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers to take part

10 Facts About Dana Al-Basha

  1. My name is Dana Al-Basha. I’m 27 years old going on 28 in August 6.
  2. Number 6 seems to be my lucky number. I was born in August 6, 1986. On 6 O’Clock.
  3. I live in Jordan, we are originally from Palestine. We lived like gypsies for a few years when I was young because of war and politics in the Arabic world. Which makes me very opinionated and patriotic.
  4. I’m a family person. I love my family and I cherish my time with them. I can’t wait to have a family of my own. In my opinion, the larger the family the better.
  5. My love for the written word started from my first memories of books. My mom used to read for me and my brother constantly and even create stories for us and letting us take part and sometimes act them. I guess that’s where I started loving to write. I can’t like a house or a place that doesn’t have books, I can’t be at ease. A person with no passion for knowledge seems dangerous to me.
  6. I’m Muslim and for the past few years I feel more attached to this fact then I was when I was born. I no longer take knowledge as I receive it, I love to research, read, think and decide on my own. I am a thinker and I’m proud to be a Muslim girl. I love praying and my time with Allah, my faith is my strength.
  7. I love fashion, clothes, shoes, accessories… and I’m thankful that I was born a girl, so I can enjoy wearing dresses and strutting in heels… if it were to me, I would wear dresses every single day. With as many colorful fabrics and original styles as possible.
  8. I’m an eyeliner girl. I love to emphasis my dreamy eyes and make them look brighter with a glint of a naughty charm. There is always red lipstick and gloss in my bag and perfume is essential. I take so much care of my appearance and hygiene.
  9. I’m obsessed with anything related to Jane Austen and Wallis Simpson. I have a need to read history and learn as much as I can about anything or anyone I find interesting but only few become an addiction.
  10. The day I decided to create this blog was the luckiest turn of events in my life. Who knew that following your passion and heart could turn a hobby into a career? I thank God for bestowing upon me the gift of the written word and I want to thank all my readers and followers, you make my day brighter all the time. Thank you.

I’m a girl with long hair, every time I cut my hair I get depressed, I love tea as well, especially with mint and sage.

10 Questions Set by Drown in Melancholy

  1. Who is your favorite author? Difficult one. I have many. But I’ll pick Stephenie Meyer. Her Twilight saga books changed my life and her story is close to mine, I dream stories all the time.
  2. If you could choose a celebrity as your boyfriend/husband who would it be? Can they be fictional? LOL, mmm, let’s see, I have many such as Royals, dead and alive and imaginary characters. If I have to pick one I would pick Richard Armitage, I love his voice, I just watched the last kissing scene in North & South, he’s to melt over.
  3. What do you like most about blogging? It feels like a mix between a public diary and keeping history of every day’s life. I love writing even about nonsense it feels like practicing a hobby until the real deal is done. You know, finish a book and publishing it.
  4. Have you already blogged somewhere else before starting this blog? Yes, I had two or three blogs, but I wasn’t as serious as I am now about this one. This one is my baby.
  5. Where was the last place you traveled to? Lebanon.
  6. What is your favorite alcoholic beverage? I don’t drink. But if you asked me about my favorite beverage the answer would probably be tea.
  7. What’s your favorite cake? I’m not a sweet-loving-person, but I guess chocolate cake. I love making cake though.
  8. What was your favorite subject at school? Literature, creative writing and history… oh and art class.
  9. What kind of cell phone/smartphone are you using? Samsung Galaxy S4.
  10. Japanese Food or Italian Food? Which one do you like better? I love both but pasta is probably my favorite dish, in any form or with any sauce, so Italian.

Some books just take you places that would never exist but in the pages of a book. I really have a HUGE urge to travel and see the world, this urge grows more profoundly from reading my dear books.

10 Questions to the Nominated Bloggers

  1. Where are you from?
  2. What is your blog mainly about?
  3. Do you think your blog is sending a positive message in the internet?
  4. What is the main point for blogging to you? Is it for fun or for building a career?
  5. Beside blogging and writing, what other skills do you possess?
  6. What is the book you’ve read and changed your life?
  7. What inspires you?
  8. What kind of job do you have at the moment?
  9. How did you come up with your blog’s title?
  10. Why do you want to win this award?

I’m a girl of colors, I love colors, flowers, pink and happiness. I like to spread happiness just as I walk by any door.

10 Blogs/Bloggers Nominated by Dana’s Sanctuary

  1. Amriaa’s blog
  2. Drown in Melancholy
  3. Rethinking Nasserism
  4. Cheeks & Heels
  5. Confessions of a Hawaiian Princess: One Woman’s Journey to Greater Health
  6. About Fashion and Travel
  7. KellyVision
  8. Vintage Reflection
  9. A Pretty Penny
  10. The Domestic Man

Let’s not forget: long hair, manicure, sunglasses, accessories and oh RINGS!

I Inhale You In

I inhale you in, you breath me out
This is what passion is all about
Inhale me inside your lungs
Let our blood be one
Let me love you, as I wish to be loved
Let me hold you, for my body longs to be held

Be mine, my love
Be mine alone
For love is obsession
And you are my opium

Kiss my lips
Breathe my scent
Your perfume hypnotize me
I’m under your spell

Let me inside of you
Never let me out
I will shake your world
Inside out

You are mine
Let me be yours
What is there more to ask
Then loving with no looking back?

I breathe you in me
You inhabit my heart
Never depart like the circulation of blood
Stay inside my heart
It is already yours

You inhabit my body
As if you are my soul

How could I love so strongly
When all hope is in the air?
Is love suicidal or just blindly out of spare?

My love to you
Is an obsession,
A need
An urge
An appetite that can never be filled
Or ruled

I’m a crazy criminal, my love
I’m a prisoner for life

Punish me with your kisses
Suffocate me with your hugs
Never let me go
Hold on to me
I’m yours
Until the end of my time.


Through your eyes

I look at my reflection in the mirror
And I see myself through your eyes
I love what I see
The parts you love in me
And I think how lucky I am
To see myself so completely
The bad and good in me
Side by side
Measure to measure
Equal parts like water and fire
To decipher my soul
Understanding me bit by bit
More than I can see myself
Your eyes are my mirror
Never stop looking at me
I love to see my reflection so clearly in them
Your eyes, so deep
So truthful
So loving and beautiful
Look at me
Stop staring
I squirm under their pressure
I thrive
Look at me
Stop glancing my way
Your eyes see me
So plain
It’s scary
So pure
It’s a beating pleasure
Your eyes see me
I beat with every glance
Like a new wound
Thriving painfully
Trying to be better
Look at me
Look at me
I’m deeply lost within you
Do you see me still?
I’m yours for the moments our eyes lock and embrace.
With every beating of your lashes my reflection changes
Black white
White black
I’m still the same
But I’m changing
Through your eyes.