Page Turner Kuwait

Happy new year dear readers! The last day of the 2016 was so hectic for me, my husband and I enrolled in gym, for me to lose weight and for him to gain muscles. We spent the day on the beach, had lunch in Pizza Express (our favorite) and did some shopping.

20170101_133012 - Copy.jpg

But what was so interesting that day is that I got my first Kuwaiti blogging/social media gift from a juvenile startup business run by young girls who love books. They sell used or previously owned books and buy your old books, kind of a recycling website. This website is called Page Turner Kuwait, which finds new homes for old books.

20170101_133038 - Copy.jpg

The girls run their own website, do their own delivery and orders personally. I didn’t know that when the assignment came my way, but when I received my package yesterday I learned much about this new promising business.

Mais Dawleh sent me an instagram message back in early December saying:

Hello Dana!

We’ve noticed that we share a passion for books and reading and we would like to introduce ourselves. Page Turner is a new online platform for people across Kuwait to sell and buy books and is run by a group of students and alumni. Page Turner’s objective is to encourage people of all ages to become as passionate as we are and develop a love for reading books in addition to increasing the level of readership in Kuwait.

We’re fans of both your blog Dana’s Sanctuary and Instagram and would be delighted to offer you the chance to order a book via Page Turner (free of charge) to allow us the opportunity to present to you all that Page Turner has to offer.

20170101_133240 - Copy.jpg

To encourage them to success, I order three extra books, but I think for used books the prices should be lower, even if they are like new.

20170101_134745 - Copy.jpg

I got The Summer of Good Intentions by Wendy Francis, The Sweet Spot by Stephanie Evanovich, If You Only Knew by Kristan Higgins,and Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl by Tracy Quan. But there was a complication in delivery time punctuality, though the cute packaging made up for that.

20170101_133537 - Copy.jpg

It’s great to encourage startup businesses to success, I hope everyone would visit their website and check what they have to offer!

Happy New Year and keep on reading! x

Earth Hour in Kempinski Ishtar Hotel in Dead Sea

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”
― Khalil Gibran, The Prophet


Dear Tweeps,

Greetings from Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea,

As one of the top Jordanian tweeps we would like to cordially invite you to celebrate the international Earth Hour event at the lowest point on earth in one of the most fascinating spots there, Kempinski Ishtar Dead Sea. We are going to host a cocktail reception at our Kish Terrace from 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm. However, you are most welcome to arrive earlier to enjoy the beautiful sunset of the Dead Sea.

Please follow us on our social media channels: Twitter and Facebook.

The Hashtag:  #EarthHourKishtar.

Please confirm your attendance by replying to this email and I look forward to seeing all these during this event.

Jareer Massarweh
Cluster Director of Marketing & Communications


On Thursday, ‎March ‎27, ‎2014, I received this invitation inviting me to participate in this international day. I was happy to accept because I adore Dead Sea, I was longing for a time out of Amman and most importantly because I love our Earth.


I always think of myself as a humanitarian and Earth lover; I care about our world and how much I can do to help and improve in it as a person and a citizen. I think anyone with a bit of a free wild spirit would enjoy an hour or more without technology.


I agreed with Hadeel and Jareer to tag along with them to Dead Sea, but unfortunately they left without me, so I followed them in my car driving as slow as possible. First I was in no mood to drive and secondly my dress was too tight. Don’t get me wrong, I looked amazing but I still couldn’t breathe!


It was the first time for me to enter the Kempinski in Dead Sea and I loved it! It was so beautiful and the huge veranda after the reception area took my breath away… well, what’s left of it.


I called Hadeel and after some time and some selfies, she and two girls appeared. We were introduced and we took some gorgeous photos. Then we went to meet the others, our hosts and other social media members and Roya TV.


“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity…”
― John Muir


The moment, I neared the water, I felt as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, my soul and heart-felt lighter, my body wanted to jump in the deep blue water. I was this close to jump but then again I looked so good to ruin all my efforts in a rush!


We started our tour through the hotel and we meet some of the staff and management members, our tour guide was a beautiful Egyptian girl, who was new to Jordan. She became our friend.


Afterward we went to a restaurant, had drinks, chatted until 8:30. At 8:30 we headed to Kish Terrace, the hotel was fully dark. The guests joined us, the whole place was illuminated with candles, lanterns and well, mobile phones. It wasn’t romantic when I put it like that but it’s our job, broadcasting the event!


That was my favorite part, lighting the lanterns, burning them, watching some fly up, watching some fall into the sea… laughing and enjoying some cold water and sea food snacks.


Afterward, we all headed out, got our cars, and that was my least favorite thing that day… driving back to Amman. Usually I love long drives but not that day, it was a nightmare. But other than that, I enjoyed my time in the dark in Kempinski hotel. I hope I will visit it again this summer for a tanning session and relaxing by the pool.


MediaME Forum 2014 in Hayat Amman Hotel for Two Days

Tweeps, you are invited!
Join us and explore the latest digital trends out there at mediaME Forum 2014 at the Grand Hyatt – Amman on March 18th & 19th.
Please RSVP at 0776516666 not later than March 13th.
Follow the hashtag #mediaMETrending and @mediaMEcom
We look forward to seeing you there.
P.S: Please help us spread the word by RT 
On ‎Monday, March ‎10, ‎2014, I received this invitation from my dear friend Zayna Hamarneh, and I felt like I was over the moon! In 2012, in December to be exact I took part in MediaME Forum and I loved it dearly, I learned so much and I met so many great and interesting people.
I confirmed my attendance and discovered that Zeid Nasser is no longer part of the MediaME Forum project and that this year Zayna Hamarneh will be moderator, it felt sad a little, but I was sure Zayna will do a great job.
I decided right then and there that I won’t pass such an opportunity without doing something remarkable, so I designed my own card, and I discovered how much I missed graphic design and branding, I searched for ideas, I fumbled through books, but then abounded all that and did a brainstorming session with Adobe Illustrator on and I came up with a great card that reflects me.
As I was without a job (still am) and freelance didn’t pay well, I needed to find the perfect printing house, I needed to find my money’s worth in the best printing house and a day before the forum I found Al-Nahda Printing Press. It wasn’t just beautiful and decorated well, the owner was the best and he liked my card so much. He promised that he’ll finish my card by tomorrow in midday and he did. I want to thank him deeply for the amazing job. I LOVE my cards! I even got to meet an author who wrote a cook book.
The morning of the big day came, and for 2 days I was infinitely busy from morning till late in the afternoon. Everything in me was absorbing information, people, knowledge, and sometimes food.
Last time I attended the forum, I was a marketing and PR manager in a digital agency, now I’m a freelance writer, blogger and social media expert (if I may say so myself).
The event featured 30 speakers and more than 300 attendees from Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Palestine. Some of the same crowd from the last forum attendees were present.
The Forum created significant buzz on Twitter, according to @hashtracking Hashtag Explorer, #mediametrending generated 9,575,661 impressions with 1,500 tweets!  I’m sure a huge part of them were mine!
Forum Program
Day One

08:45 – 09:45 Registration and Welcoming Coffee Break
09:45 – 10:45 Opening Ceremony [Amjad Tadros – Zayna Hamarneh]  – Inspirational Speech “The Talent Effect” [Ahmad Al Assad from Talentology Training]
10:45 – 11:05 Networking Coffee Break
11:05 – 11:35 Speaker “Jordan’s Digital Tends” [Ali Toukan from Ipsos]
11:35 – 12:05 Speaker “Are you Fixed, or Are you Adaptive?” [Rasha Rteil from Mindshare MENA]
12:05 – 1:00 Panel “The Rise of Social Mobile and Tech in Travel Media” [Moderator: Brais Aksoy from Intel TurkeyKaan Aykac from TurkeyOmar Koudsi from]
01:00 – 02:00 Lunch
02:00 – 02:30 Speaker “How do you spend your money?” [Mohanned Audeh from Zain Jordan]
02:30 – 03:30 Panel “Make Me Laugh” [Moderator: Amjad Tadros from ShooFeeTVNatheer Khawaldeh from ShooFeeTV – Tima Shomali from Filmizion ProductionsMohammad Laham from 44 Production – Nasser Jaroun from Fooqalsada]
03:30 – 03:50 Coffee Break
03:50 – 04:20 Speaker “The Power of Hashtags” [Zafer Younis from The Online Project]
04:20 – 05:20 Panel “Content is King” [Moderator: Jawad Abbasi from Arab Advisors – Omar Tahboub from bayt.comFares Sayegh from Roya TVEmile Cubeisy from Silicon BadiaVida Rizeq from Alflamnah]

Day one began with welcoming words from Amjad Tadros, the CEO of MediaME; an inspirational speech from Ahmad Al Assad, founder of Talentology Training; followed by expert insight into the digital media world by Ali Toukan from Ipsos. Followed by presentations from Rasha Rteil from Mindshare MENA, Mohanned Audeh from Zain Jordan and Zafer Younis from The Online Project.
It also included three discussion panels. The first, entitled ‘The Rise of Social, Mobile and Tech in Travel Media,’ featured Kaan Aykac from Turkey, Omar Koudsi from, and Rajaie Haddad from Sheraton Amman and was moderated by Brais Aksoy from Intel Turkey. The second, entitled ‘Make Me Laugh,’ featured Natheer Khawaldeh from ShooFeeTV, Tima Shomali from Filmizion Productions, Mohammad Laham from 44 Production, and Nasser Jaroun from Fooqalsada and was moderated by Amjad Tadros. The third, entitled ‘Content is King,’ featured Omar Tahboub from, Fares Sayegh from Roya TV, Emile Cubeisy from Silicon Badia, and Vida Rizeq from Alflamnah, it was moderated by Jawad Abbasi from Arab Advisors.
Forum Program
Day Two

09:15 – 09:45 Speaker “Tradition VS Progress: The New Age of Twiplomacy” [Ambassador Peter Millet]
09:45 – 10:15 Speaker “Your Mobile Strategy” [Ali Al-Saqqa from Boost Communications Dubai]
10:15 – 11:15 Panel “The Big Players” [Moderator: Ziad Masri from Maysalward – Yanal Rahim from Gate2Play – Ayman Afanah from Microsoft Jordan – Hussam Natour from Rababa Games – Mahmoud Iswiad from Noqoush Mobile Media Group]
11:15 – 11:35 Networking Coffee Break
11:35 – 12:00 Speaker “The Furthest Reaching Media You Haven’t Heard Of” [Jawdat Shammas from]
12:00 – 12:30 Speaker “The Rise of Social Media in Palestine” [Shadi Qawasmi from Publicies Zoom Palestine]
12:30 – 2:00 Lunch for Workshop Attendees
02:00 – 03:30 Workshop “Google and Facebook Advertising + Make Your Online Content Pop” [Marc Dfouni from Eastine Marketing LebanonBrett Weer from Al-Bawaba]
03:30 – 04:00 Coffee Break
04:00 – 5:00 Workshop “Google and Facebook Advertising + Make Your Online Content Pop” [Marc Dfouni from Eastine Marketing Lebanon – Brett Weer from Al-Bawaba]


Day two began with a presentation by His Excellency Mr. Peter Millet, the British Ambassador to Jordan, discussing the subject of ‘Tradition vs. Progress: The New Age Of Twiplomacy.’Other presenters included Ali Al-Saqqa from Boost Communications Dubai, Jawdat Shammas from, and Shadi Qawasmi from Publicies Zoom Palestine.The day also featured a panel discussion on gaming , entitled ‘The Big Players,’ which included gaming-industry notables Yanal Rahim from Gate2Play, Ayman Afanah from Microsoft Jordan, Hussam Natour from Rababa Games, Mahmoud Iswiad from Noqoush Mobile Media Group and it was moderated by Ziad Masri from Maysalward.


The two-day forum concluded with two workshops, offered to all MediaME Forum attendees, which aimed to provide important insights into the best digital media practices and techniques by Marc Dfouni from Eastine Marketing Lebanon and Brett Weer from Al-Bawaba. I picked the one with Brett Weer about Making our online content pop, he was funny and he gave us some good points, especially about the perfect times to post on social media platforms.


I got to say my favorite speakers were Ahmad Al Assad from day one and Shadi Qawasmi from day two. Ahmad talked about how each of us is skilled and gifted in different ways, that some of us don’t know they poses or how to use, he also made the audience take part and I won a chocolate from him, than he told us to search for our hidden treasure and we all found a small gift. Shadi is from Palestine and he informed us about the best campaigns online, their effect, powerful pages and the effect of media and politic on the internet and so on. It was very enlightening.


Thank you so much for the invitation, I can’t wait for next year and to meet more interesting people and hear new things. By the end I felt like my head will explode from all the information stuffed in it, but it was a good kind of headache.


31 of the Top Arabic Upcoming Social Media Figures In Jordan

At the end of the day, the position is just a position, a title is just a title, and those things come and go. It’s really your essence and your values that are important.
― Queen Rania of Jordan

They say the internet is all about numbers, most of my social media friends would agree, but I think that any number can be obtained by hard constant work… or you can even buy a bundle of followers if that makes you happy. On the other hand, substantial materials and constant event coverage would speak just as loudly.

I heard it being said by someone in the MediaME Forum 2014 “Sometimes having a limited number of real followers can mean a bigger value in the internet; numbers aren’t everything.” I thought about it and I kind of agree. But it’s still nice to have people knowledge your efforts, that’s why I decided to write a list of people I think the internet should know about. The list isn’t numbered by any genre, it’s just numbers to make you aware I jumped from one name to the next. Meet some of my friends:

  1. Zamil Safwan has over 19.9K followers on Twitter, he loves social media, technology and gatherings with food if you are into that you would enjoy his tweets.
  2. Khaled ElAhmad has also over 19.7K followers on Twitter, he is well-loved and famous for keeping up with social media trends and managing Zain JO telecommunication online presence.
  3. Hadeel Shehadeh has over 12.5K followers on Twitter, she is a social butterfly that you can find in all the hip events with a smart phone attached to her hand twitting away to all her eager followers. She is also the TrueCaller ambassador in Jordan.
  4. Hasan Hamad might be young but has 9,871 Twitter followers and is a CO-founder of Step & Mile a group of young people helping students find summer jobs to help pay for their fees.
  5. Mohammad AlQaq has 9,064 followers on Twitter. He is a creative person, artist and a blogger of khobbeizeh, he is also the creative director of 7iber.
  6. Lama Haddadin is a food blogger and reviewer, who loves books like me with 6,599 followers on Twitter, don’t forget to check her blog Caramelized Thoughts.
  7. Luma Qaqish and I were classmates in Amman Baptist School, she has 5,030 followers on Twitter. Luma is very patriotic and loves Jordan more than anything.
  8. Batool Abdallat is an equestrian champion, fashionista and social media lover who makes me smile whenever we are in the same event, she has 4,518 Twitter followers and you can check her Tumblr blog The BatoolA.
  9. Rajaie Haddad I met him in MediaME Forum 2014 and he was a speaker in the event, he is an enthusiastic digital marker guy with 5,965 followers and CO-founder of S-Consultants a company that builds presence online.
  10. Reem Sahoury and I met through a friend in an event and she is a colorful lady with a passion for PR and marketing, she has 242 followers on Twitter.
  11. Anas AlSharif is very popular with the ladies with his looks and easy charm, but don’t get fooled, the man has potentials and 2,202 followers on Twitter, he works with Khaled ElAhmad in Zain JO.
  12. Zaid Bata is also a handsome guy with a cynical sense of humor, he has 1,862 followers on Twitter and loves social media, PR and marketing.
  13. Maen Aloquili might have left the social Jordanian scenes for his studies but his heart is here with his 1,831 Twitter followers and friends.
  14. Zeina Abdallah and Marlene A. Abdallah are a team of mother-and-daughter with an initiative to change Jordan called Heik A7la, Zeina is a beautiful radio host with 1,404 Twitter followers, Marlene is a fashion designer with 1,622 Twitter followers.
  15. Rose Haddadin is a soft-spoken, walk-lover and beautiful soul who loves to tweet to her 673 Twitter followers. She has been encouraging me to walk with her 3 times a week. Thanks love.
  16. Dana Al Basha here is a bit of a catch, that is NOT me (not yet anyway), Dana is a sister from different parents who shares my name and love for social media, she is a provocative thinker and HR manager, with interesting tweets, and 4,603 Twitter followers.
  17. Majd Yousef is a young, beautiful lady with a sharp wit and opinions and 5,486 Twitter followers eager to eat what she cooks in her account, she loves social media (YouTube) and food, and sometimes people.
  18. Dina Abandah might be young and still a university student, but you would be surprised by her many accomplishments in life and social media, she has 2,240 Twitter followers and some stalkers!
  19. Ezra’a Ahmad is a lifestyle journalist with a passion for the film industry and beautiful things, she enjoys traveling and has 530 Twitter followers.
  20. Zayna Hamarneh is one of my oldest friends in the field, we met when we were 17; she is a passionate social media, fashionista, workaholic business woman, and a CO-Founder of MODE Marketing & PR, with 14.8K Twitter followers in her belt, this lady is going places!
  21. Razan Nour is a beautiful lady in and out with blond locks and a winning smile, has 3,800 Twitter followers and shares many things from her days to favorite quotes. She is an avid reader and style lover.
  22. Sarah Sharif is a very creative person, sensitive and imaginative. She loves anything with art and is very original, she has 5,747 Twitter followers, for more check her page Smuuurfette.
  23. Maha Amro is not only into PR and social media, she decided to change her life and climbed two summits, she wants to be an inspiration for other women and to make a difference. She has 10K Twitter followers and 5 other summits to conquer!
  24. Wassim Al-Hammouri and I haven’t met personally yet, but sometimes it feels like we did, he is an avid social media, and technology enthusiastic man and 3,076 Twitter followers, he works with Khaled ElAhmad and Anas AlSharif in Zain JO.
  25. Mohammed Abdullatif is another man popular with the ladies, he’s funny in a cynical kind of way, charming and a marketing expert. He has 1,454 Twitter followers.
  26. Saif Haddad might not love to tweet much but he has 283 Twitter followers and works in UMenJo magazine as an editor, he is very handsome and fashionable, you can always find him in the loveliest events.
  27. Touline Alish is young with bright eyes and a deep love for books and fashion, she is a community manager in Play 99.6 and Nashama FM, she has 3,686 Twitter followers. Check her blog Tee on the Go.
  28. Salah G Hamed aka Android Basha (No, we are not related) he is a passionate technology geek who loves smart phones, good food and social media. He has 2,298 Twitter followers and a blog Android Basha’s Blog.
  29. Khaled Jamal Abd El-Nasser and I haven’t known each other for long, but he is a handsome religious guy who loves social media and smoothies, he works as a community manager for Juicebangbang, he has 466 Twitter followers.
  30. Dina Batayneh is an activist, who wants the best for Jordan, she keeps it real, simple and elegant, she has 11.7K Twitter follower and you can check her blog خالٍ من الكليشيه.. خالٍ من الكولسترول.
  31. Dana Al-Basha ahhh, what can I say about myself?! I kept myself for the end because I wasn’t sure what to say. Let’s see… I’m a beautiful, multi talented, creative person, who loves books, fashion, food and people. This is my blog, and I have 1,438 followers on Twitter. I dream big, I write and talk a lot, and on occasion I laugh a lot. My plan is to change my life and those around me for the best. So, I’m a social media dreamer.

I’m sure I forgot some people, but believe me it wasn’t on purpose. I added the people who I encounter frequently lately and have a Twitter account. I don’t have a group photo of everyone on the list so I’ll add a photo of myself, after all this is my blog. Please feel free to follow my friends and contact them. They all love to talk. Suggestions are open, please feel free to comment.

Have a lovely day my dear readers! x


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Greek Tweet-up at Gyros & More

Hello lovely tweeps!
Hope all is great 🙂
Guess what? You’re in for a fun Greek Tweet-up on Wednesday November 27th 2013 at Gyros & More!
Attached is your invitation.
Don’t forget to follow them at on Instagram,Twitter and Facebook!
Please RSVP. 
See you all next week! 
On 19 November 2013, I got an invitation from Zayna Al-Hamarneh, for an upcoming event for this cute Greek restaurant in Abdoun. The first thing I thought was OOPA! You know? From My Big Fat Greek Wedding? One of my favorite movies of all time!
‘Nice Greek girls are supposed to do three things in life: marry Greek boys, make Greek babies, and feed everyone… until the day we die. Nice Greek girls who don’t find a husband, work in the family restaurant. So here I am, day after day, year after year, thirty and way past my expiration date’ .
—Toula Portokalos
If you haven’t watched this movie, I think you should, I forced my family to watch it many times with me until they could recite it by heart!
In any case, the day came, I almost forgot about the event and I was way too lazy to move when I remembered because I was SO cold but I’m glad I did move, dress up, hail a cab and head to the gathering! As usual, I was among the first to arrive, I felt so excited when I took my coat off and concentrated on things around me, the restaurant was small, had a family feel to it and the zorba dance music was blasting all around me, making me feel like breaking some dishes and dance in circles!
But sadly, the owner Fadi Ghantous didn’t agree on smashing dishes in his restaurant. I guess many people wanted to do what I was thinking about, because the owner made sure all the accessories were plastic and totally unbreakable. Such a shame!
In any case, as my friends, and many new people ‘tweet-ups’ arrived… the fun began. There was 2 or 3 questions about Greece and if you tweet them quickly before the others and you get it right you win. Sadly, I wasn’t quick enough.
Then each of us went to order his/her meal, I pick one that was so yummy and for this part the competition was to take the best photo of your meal. Here, unexpectedly, I won! Yup! I was shocked myself! Which reminds me, I still haven’t used my voucher for dinner! I must soon! Maybe even today!
The night was fun, the conversations were loud and very Greek and I was so happy to have come rather than stay under a blanket at home. We had a sweet healthy dessert at the end, a fruit salad of sort.
I went back home and told my family about this place and the event… the smiled and laughed and I went to bed dreaming Greece…

Oleà Restaurant in Four Seasons Hotel Brings Levant Cuisine Into a New Elevation

At Olea, experience home-style Levant cuisine in an atmosphere that reflects the renowned hospitality and generosity of the Eastern Mediterranean region, where food and cooking are seen as expressions of affection. The restaurant has been thoughtfully designed to offer a comfortable dining experience similar to that found in a local home, gathered around the family table. Within this inviting ambience, Olea offers a buffet of signature dishes and a unique à la carte menu for lunch, as well as Friday brunch. For dinner, enjoy our à la carte menu. Inspired by the Levant region’s warm and sunny year-round climate, Olea also includes an outdoor terrace where guests can dine, enjoy their choice of shisha, and admire our herb garden.

Four Seasons Hotel Website

On Tuesday, ‎November ‎19, ‎2013, I got a “Direct Message” on my Twitter account from Four Seasons Hotel, of course I was surprised and very flattered. Apparently my social media activities have been appreciated and the admin of the account was inviting me to an opening of a new restaurant in the hotel.


The admin turned out to be the Director of Public Relations of the hotel Ms. Yasmin Sati, she told me that she liked my blog a lot, and how active I was so she had to meet me. To say the least, I was on my toes, ecstatic. I asked her if I could bring a +1 with me and she kindly agreed. My dear mother Suha Younis was my date for the night.


On Wednesday, ‎November ‎20, ‎2013, Suha and I dressed up, looked our best and headed to the hotel which is in close proximity to our home. We entered the luxuries lobby and were greeted momentarily by our lovely host Yasmin; she was very lovely and hospitable; she lead us directly to the new decorated restaurant, while she pointed that it was redecorated and made into a new concept entirely different from the previous canteen.


When we entered I became nervous, I noticed that we were among the first to arrive as usual, as I pointed in previous posts, I admire punctuality, Yasmin apparently admired that as well, because she remarked on it. I blushed.


She sat with us, talked about the place’s new decor and introduced us to a young journalist from Family Flavours Magazine Mrs. Rebecca Saxton-FoxRebecca is such a delightful person, calm and sweet, she shocked me and Suha when she said she’s been newlywed to an Arabic man, from Syria, we started talking politics one thing led to another and then Yasmin brought another woman to our table, a grump older lady called Chris Larter who turned out to be the Animal Care Specialist in Family Flavours Magazine, at first she seemed grumpy, but when the night preceded she began talking and even laughing! She turned out to be so interesting, loyal animal lover and at times a harsh policewoman with her 64th book of traffic violations. She spoke very passionately about animals around the Arabic world and about the Jordanian drivers, about the Jordanian Royal family’s support to her cause and so much more.


I was surprised to see some of my friends such as the ever beautiful Zayna Al-Hamarneh accompanied with the elegant Saif Haddad and Rami Subaihi, I congratulated the later on winning the Pull & Bear Instagram competition the day before [check older post for more details!].


When I returned to the table Suha and I picked, I found more of Family Flavours Magazine‘s team there surrounding my mom, and I was introduced to Mrs. Hind Lara Mango; a delightful, energetic lady. A true alpha! Who insisted that we join her table where her magazine’s team will sit and dine. We agreed, we met most of the team but talked especially to the new-mom for two babies Mrs. Laura Haddad, such a gentle soul and Rebecca.


We were first served a few ‘mazzat’ and yummy Arabian dishes while we chatted and got more acquainted with each other. The idea of the event is an opening only for media people, so basically all who attended were connected to either social media or some local magazine.


So in the huge tables, magazine teams sat together and on small tables freelance writers like me occupied them, but Hind wouldn’t take any of that. We talked and the conversation carried swiftly around the table. These women on the table were all, in a way, foreigners, who lived among us for years until they became part of us… it seemed so touching hearing about their love for Jordan and their men.


The staff catering the food around were very fast and efficient, smiling always and so polite. The sous-chef himself came around asking us if anything can be improved.


The courses came one after another of mouthwatering-melting-in-the-mouth-food of utmost sensations from appetizers till dessert… I felt completely full, even more, I wished there was more space, but there was none!


As people drank their preferred hot beverages from coffee to tea after their heavy hearty dinner, some started to leave with smiles on their faces and light conversations. We left as well, happy as we can be.


Thanks for the Four Seasons Hotel and Yasmin Sati for their lovely invite. It was such a pleasure to comply their invitation. May we have more events such as these to come.

Electronically Drifting Apart

We live in a rude century, in a rude world, in a rude time, that the most civility you give others is by locking them out of your senses by putting on high MP3 music or reading in cafe and ignoring their presence and words.

Don’t get me wrong, I do that too, I guess all of us do, but sometimes I wonder about that, we act as if each of us lives in their own world when actually we live in one world with so much proximity and energy, breathing the same air, seeing the same sky, having “almost” the same experiences.

But we don’t really see, hear or talk with each other… we live like strangers or creatures that do not speak in the same tongue, as if we are like air and fire, birds and lions… though all the technology created to pull us together only made it easier for us to drift apart…

I told my friend yesterday that in the old days, people would wait for months for each other, they would visit, talk,  enjoy each other, write long letters, really care and miss each other… Now, we have everything to connect us to each other but no will to do so.

Isn’t it sad?


MediaME Forum 2012: The Levant Digital Media Event: In Layalina Magazine

In January 2013, Issue 117 Layalina magazine published a page for the Levant digital event the MediaME Forum of 2012 and I had a photo (^_^)


MediaME Forum 2012: The Levant Digital Media Event: Lunch

DAY 1 – DECEMBER 3RD, 2012
1:00 – 2:00 Lunch (Sponsored by ZAIN)

I regret that I didn’t take any photos of the whole lunch area and food… I only photographed my over stuffed dish… I was just too hungry to think about photography. And look at it! It was yummy! I met some people as well, exchanged cards… well, I felt like a business woman!

2012-12-03 13.08.26

MediaME Forum 2012: The Levant Digital Media Event: Panel: Status of Levant Digital Market

DAY 1 – DECEMBER 3RD, 2012
12:15 – 1:00 Panel: Status of Levant Digital Market

  • Moderator – Zeid Nasser
  • Khaled El-Ahmad – ZAIN
  • Isam Bayazidi – iKoo
  • Sawsan Al Hayek – MEC 
  • Rasha Rteil – MindShare MENA

In this group of people, I met Khaled El-Ahmad, who has a special page about social media called Shusmo. Khaled also gave me one of the two workshops in the next day about Social Media and talked especially about Twitter. I met Isam Bayazidi as well, who was very shy but interesting. I wished I would’ve met Rasha Rteil, who was very bright and clever in the panel.

2012-12-03 12.07.52