My 7 Favorite YouTube Series

One: Female Show | في ميل

Female is a Jordanian series produced by Kharabeesh starring Tima Shomali and Rajae Qawas, that was so successful it ran for 3 seasons so far (I’m hoping for more!) and was aired on TV. The title means something different in Arabic, it means “askew” which comes from an Islamic belief about women. The series is among my favorites! It’s like Modern Family but ten times better because it reminds me of my home, Amman. My husband knows that whenever I’m homesick I would replay the series. It’s a MUST watch! It’s fun to me as well, because most of the cast are friends of mine.


Two: The Rania Show | رانيا شو

The Rania Show another Jordanian gem, starring Rania Kurdi, an actress and a singer, about 5 very different women: Arwa, Olla, Em Rami, Madam Ghalia and Sasha Abi Nijmeh, selected from the Jordanian street in short but very hilarious sketches that shows her many talents. Some sketches made me laugh SO hard I almost peed myself!


Three: The Autobiography Of Jane Eyre 

The Autobiography Of Jane Eyre is an online modern adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, produced by Kalamatea and AoJE Production. I watched it maybe 5 times over, I LOVE it. It’s so real, and addictive, I wish there was more series like it. It’s truly a must watch for classic lovers.


Four: Emma Approved

Emma Approved is an online modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, produced by Pemberley Digital, starring Joanna Sotomura as Emma Woodhouse and Brent Bailey as Alex Knightley, who were sizzling hot together! My favorite couple of all the YouTube series! I hope they stay together forever (so teenagery of me!)


Five: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is an online modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice and it’s the very first series that introduced me to the whole YouTube series world. It’s produced by Pemberley Digital. It was a bit stiff at first but funny, with Elizabeth (Ashley Clements) just talking to the camera and telling us what happened, it got more interactive by the end though. It was very good. My favorite was the girl playing Jane, Laura Spencer. A dream come true to all Mr. Darcy’s fans out there!


Six: AnneWithAnE

AnneWithAnE is an online modern adaptation of L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. It’s cute, seems to be fan-made, not very professional but I would have loved if my friends, when I was a teen, would play-act a favorite book with me. So darn cute!


Seven: The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy

The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy is an online modern adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, produced by EpicRobotTV. It was amazing in season 1, but for some reason I felt detached in season 2. Need to continue. So funny and cute.


So, this is my list so far, do you have a favorite series? I’m open for recommendations. Any language would do, if it was done properly (and with subtitles) I’m no Karou!

Emma Approved: Boxx Hill

Since the moment I’ve discovered these wonderful YouTube series made from my favorite classic novels such as Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte’s Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Jane Eyre, I fell deeply in love. My latest addiction is Jane Austen’s Emma, which had always been one of my favorite books.


If you read the book, you would know that we reached the climax in the story where things go down hill and things will be revealed in a trip to a place called “Box Hill”. This part is major important.


I loved the twist the Pemberley Digital made and how they used the place’s name as a new hip restaurant in town. I attached above the latest episode, with it you will find a link to see the photos from Boxx’s exclusive grand opening. But I couldn’t help myself, I had to share them here in my blog. I love how the next photos tell everything that happened!


Emotional Baby: An Old Soul

A 10-months baby is moved to tears while her mom sings her Rod Stewart’s “My Heart Can’t Tell You No”, which made almost more than 4 million people feel the same way watching those two beautiful eyes of Mary Lynn Leroux, a window to an old soul that appreciates music and her mom’s feelings.


My mom and I watched this video so many times today… I just adore this baby… her face is so cute and very expressive… God bless her. The way she holds her tears back like an old lady made me and mom tearful and smiling.


Seeing her beautiful face every time I replay the video melted my heart and made me sure how much I wanna be a mom too. A video worth watching more than once. So I had to Google her and see what can I find about this beautiful soul.


سبحان الله

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Has any of you watched this awsome Jane Austen inspired YouTube show called “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”?

It’s based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and it was created and executive produced by Hank Green and Bernie Su.

At first I didn’t think it was created by anyone… I didn’t think it was acting, only act playing by some sisters and their friend… after spending over three sleepless nights watching the 100 episodes, I’ll tell you this: I’m obsessed! I want more!

As most of you know, I am a huge fan of the classics, especially anything that has Jane Austen stamped on it.

I discovered it by YouTube suggestion page… I think they took pity on me after seeing my history searches… LOL!

Anyways, I recommend this series strongly, it’s very enjoyable and the leading actress playing Lizzie reminds me a lot of a friend of mine called Sarah. Same style in talking.

Oh and I am a huge fan of Bing Lee (^_^) It premiered on YouTube on April 9, 2012, and concluded when the 100th episode was posted on March 28, 2013. So I am not too late, I just discovered it in September 2013, in the last two weeks I’ve been absent from my own blog.

I LOVED all the characters, they were funny, cute and the adaption to our modern time was hilarious and very convincing.

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